My S.A.F. Vault keeps
all your most important documents organized.

securely stored in the cloud with End to End encryption.

Multiple Document Upload.

Upload, backup, and save directories and documents. Backup your most important documents.

Keep all your important documents in one place.

Managing large amounts of documents is easy:

Drag & Drop, upload entire directories, upload one or more documents at a time.

Scan And Upload.

Scan any document with your mobile phone and upload it directly to the vault.

Upload PDF’s, Jpg’s, Word and Excel documents.

See something of importance and capture the information immediately.

Multi-Document Support.

View all of your documents. Quickly preview PDFs, images, and more.


MS Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice Writer, Pages


MS Excel, Google Sheets

Any Readable file!

Filter and Organize.

Filter your documents for quick, easy access using metadata.

Use mutliple ways to find your documents.

Dynamic Details

Popular metadata used for filtering documents: Category Type (image, document, etc) #hashtag support and more.

Share With Anyone.

Easily share any document to any email address.

Include a personalized note

Unique link for each document shared

Safeguard Your Most Important Documents

Accessible 24/7/365 from your computer, mobile phone or any smart device.

Bring security and organization to your everyday life.

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